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The Align Ballet Method has been leading the adult ballet movement from Los Angeles since 2012. Our founder Michael Cornell, a former professional dancer and personal trainer

Align Ballet Method founder Michael Cornell.

had a specific vision for a simple rapid fire training system designed for the inexperienced. Our revolutionary program has since helped thousands and been featured by major media outlets. Michael has been seen teaching MTV’s Pauly D, the Girls of the WWF, youtube sensation Liza Koshy, and live on KABC Los Angeles.

ALIGN will help you!
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New streaming technology now allows ALIGN to offer our classes around the globe. WE LOVE IT! All you need is ZOOM, a bit of space, and something sturdy to hold onto. Our streaming and audio quality live from our Los Angeles studio are excellent and we provide loads of individual attention. We have an experienced staff of highly trained professional dancers eager to work with you. Our instructors have taught our program live and mastered working with adults.

You will receive a streaming link emailed 30 minutes prior to your class. Below are streaming options currently available. $1 from every ALIGN streaming registration is donated to the Los Angeles Food Bank.


Virtual Beginning Ballet – For those with a bit of experience who wish to start back with a simple class. Every class is easy to follow. Meant for those who have completed our workshops or those who have had some prior training. Master the fundamentals with our intuitive choreography.
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Virtual Align 4 – Adult intermediate class. Prior training required. Please know the general ballet exercises and the ability to follow simple 2 part combinations. Most people who understand general ballet barre, single pirouettes, and basic center work will be comfortable in this class.
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Virtual ALIGN 1 – Our classic adult beginner 6 session workshop brought to you by streaming technology. You will meet 1 time per week with the same instructor and students. This detailed course will take you from the very beginning starting with body alignment, posture, heads, arms, feet positions, and exercises. At the end of the workshop you will be able to perform a simple classical ballet barre. We suggest at some point beginners should attend the workshop as it provides slower more detailed instruction than our daily open class.
6 classes for $90. SIGN UP