ALIGN 1 Workshop

From 6 locations in Southern California our signature in studio 6-week introductory course is designed for total adult beginners. Absolutely no prior training required. Learn the fundamental steps, vocabulary, and nuance of classical ballet, in a welcoming and inclusive space. ALIGN’s thoughtfully-designed progressive curriculum is like no other. 10 years ago ALIGN 1 was the first total adult beginnner workshop and it still holds up tdoay.

ALIGN 2 Workshop

Our second in studio workshop for total beginners. Enhance technique, improve coordination, perfect alignment, and explore musicality before moving on. 

Completion of ALIGN 2 prepares studends to attend our BASIC classes.

Virtual Total Adult Beginning Ballet

START NOW! Offered multiple times a week. Begin learning ballet from the privacy of your own home. Turn your camera on and receive personal instruction or turn your camera off for the self conscious, it’s YOUR decision. Our instructors will guide you step by step with this simple process. Often but not always you will be participating with our live in studio beginners. All you need are some comfrtable workout clothes, a sturdy chair to hold, and a high speed internet connection. 


OPEN CLASSES for The Experienced Student

Our basic, intermediate, and advanced classes for those with prior experience are available both in studio and virtually.
View the descriptions below and select a button to navigat to the sign up schedules. 

BASIC Ballet

A well-rounded, 75 minute technique driven class for those with the ability to perform a simpe barre and center. Great for those starting back or or recently graduated from our workshops.


A thorough 75-minute class. Full barre followed by a center. The choreography at this level will not overwhelm you but it will make you sweat.


Yes, adults can dance en pointe! Acquire the fundamental strength training and technique needed for basic pointe work. All exercises can be executed with the support of a sturdy barre, with the option for some limited center practice.

For ALIGN Advanced students, or those with an extensive ballet background. Pointe shoes that are properly fitted and sewn required. 


As a graduate of the famed russian PERM ballet academy Miss Olga provided authentic classical technique. An inspiring coach, she will provide your child both physical and mental development. Olga is the private coach to American Ballet Theater princpal dancer Christine Shevchenko who she has trained since 14 and continues to coach regularly for performance.