The Revolutionary Program, Making Ballet Training Accessible For Adults

Are you an adult looking for a ballet program that caters to beginners? Look no further than The Align Ballet Method Adult Ballet Training Program! Our 6 week ALIGN 1 workshop is designed for adults who have never studied ballet. (We also offer classes for experienced dancers.)

Maybe you’ve always wanted to learn ballet but were intimidated by the thought of starting as a complete beginner? Don’t worry we are here to help. Our program is designed with your success in mind. You’ll be able to progress at your own pace, and our instructors are passionate about helping you achieve your goals. Our program is accessible and productive for adults starting from ground zero. We have six Southern California locations available, so you can find the one that fits your schedule and needs. With our Adult Ballet Training Program, you will learn how to dance ballet the right way – and have fun doing it! 


Many adult beginners feel intimidated by the prospect of learning ballet and never get started. Our Adult Ballet Training Program has helped thousands of adults learn how to do ballet, regardless of age, condition, or experience. 

The Align Ballet Methods progressive program provides a bridge between learning the ballet basics and becoming a proficient ballet dancer.


You will start your ballet training among other beginners. Rather than entering a studio full of experienced dancers, we group our total beginning students together on the same day. Everyone in your class will be a beginner, resuming after a long break, recovering from an injury, or wishing to take it slow. Our ALIGN 1 beginners workshop is designed specifically for those with no prior experience. Your training will commence with elementary but important fundamental concepts –  

Body Alignment
Feet Positions
Arm Positions
Single Movements
Basic Exercises

Most significantly, the Align Ballet Method incorporates an intuitive progression that not only assists students, in the beginning, to dance from day one but also begins to engrain the exercise into your muscle memory via simple repetition. By their third lesson our students are usually able to complete a simple ballet barre with solid technical fundamentals.

What Our Students Say - Google Reviews

I cannot say enough about how much I love Align Ballet Method. It is the most incredible space for adult ballet, for beginners, intermediate dancers, and those looking to experience it again” – Susan

“I’ve taken Align I and II in North Hollywood with Daniel and Shade. I can’t say enough about Align. I love that this program exists.” – Alexis

“As someone completely new to dance and ballet, Align Ballet (Pico) has made me feel so comfortable and empowered. My instructor is very patient, encouraging and has good visual/physical tips to ensure we’re doing everything correctly and safely.” – Tanya

Meet with your instructor and fellow students weekly at the same time and location. After completing ALIGN 1, we immediately continue to ALIGN 2, which will introduce you to basic material in the center. After completing ALIGN 2 our students may move to our BASIC level and continue their progress, some decide to repeat the workshop process. Your pace is determined by your own sense of progress. A few months into basic, many students are ready to begin pointe at the barre.

Ballet technique is a journey that starts with a single tendu. We look forward to serving you in your progress. We have helped people devoted to our program move into a world of high-quality ballet training as part of their lifestyle. Students have gone on to perform en pointe, travel around the globe to attend lessons at other schools, plus benefit from the mental and physical rewards of authentic ballet training. Ballet, we feel, is an art form that anybody may appreciate.

Ballet, we believe, is a combination of art, wellness, and meditation. The ballet class and studio are sacred spaces for many of us, where you may leave your problems at the door. Our highly qualified professional instructors will transport you into an inspiring world of beautiful movements and music.

Everyone Is Welcome

Whatever your motivation, you will discover an open, warm, accepting, empathetic group of individuals within the walls of our classrooms who will support you in being you and as a part of our creative community. Sign up today and get started on your new journey of Adult Ballet Training.

Those with a busy schedule or not located near one of our 6 studios may want to consider our awesome virtual program with a 1-month complimentary free trial.