No. Everyone my enjoy any service we provide without a membership. Our membership is typically for those attending our main location drop in classes or students who regulary attend virtually. Our total beginner workshop student do not need a membership to begin their training. Visit our membership sign up page to learn more.

Yes! Our program is uniquely designed to teach adult newcomers. You will learn critical fundamentals, techniques, and the essential vocabulary of a classical ballet class.  Appropriate for all ages and skill levels. No prior training required.

ALIGN I and/or ALIGN II are designed for the total adult beginner. We have found those adults who studied till the age of 12 – 14  and then stopped generally should begin with our workshops as it has been a long time and often the training was not technically detailed. However, if you can follow simple combos, with strong placement, studied through your teens, studied a couple years as an adult, or studied at university, you are probably ready to jump in at our basic or intermediate level. Still not sure? Take our handy quiz to determine which ALIGN class is best for you, it is very accurate.

Total beginners start with our Align 1 and the Align 2 workshops. Each course is 6 classes in 6 weeks at the same day, time, location, instructor, and students. After completing both workshops students may begin joining our BASIC classes. We have open basic drop in classes at our main location and basic semesters are our satellite studio partners. Our basic semesters are sold in packages like workshops but generally run in seasons like fall, summer, spring, or winter. Semesters are closed to only registered students at that location, no drop ins. We hold open intermediate drop in classes for experienced dancers at our main location for students who want to step it up a notch. Intermediate classes consist of a full barre and center with multi part combos.  To review, our progression is Align 1, Align 2, Basic, and Intermediate. Students must dance at an intermediate level to attend our pointe classes.

While we highly recommend new students with zero prior training start with ALIGN I and/or ALIGN II. In the past we have found those who have studied dance all their life but took a break or began dancing in college may begin immediately with our basic classes. Those with no prior training or stopped at around age 12 should master the fundamentals in our beginner workshops. We offer a range of Open Classes based on skill level, both in-studio and virtual.

Many students wear authentic ballet attire (tights and leotards). If that’s not your style, we recommend form-fitting workout gear so our teachers can evaluate your body mechanics and alignment.

Flat ballet slippers (fitted with sewn elastics) are required for all in-studio classes, and strongly encouraged for virtual clients. You can purchase high-quality, affordable split-sole canvas ballet slippers and seamed tights in a wide range of sizes from our online store.

Every workshop or basic semester student is allowed 1 make up class per series. Visit our make up class page to submit our make up class request form. We do not allow refund for missed drop in classes. Our members receive 1 missed classed voucher per month if they miss a booked class. Members should email us from our contact page to receive a voucher credit.

Swapping from a reserved workshop to a different date and time will incure a $20 service fee.  Email for assistance.

This is a frequently asked question. Our total beginner workshops are $150 for the entire series. Only $25 per class. Each student receives 1 make up class per series in case you miss a class or have a conflict.

We have an extensive program ages 10 and up from our main location with Olga Tozyiakova. We break youth in 2 groups. Ages 10 – 14 and 14 and up. We now offer live children’s total beginner workshops from our main location. Our children’s ALIGN 1 will prepare children to continue with Olga.  See more information under the classes tab on our website or email for more information.

Yes, in person and virtual privates are available. For inquiries and scheduling, please email us. We will match you with an instructor suitable to your needs/availability.

We no longer require masks or check vaccination status. At this point everyone is asked to determine their own personal risk for participation. This policy may change if the covid conditions deteriorate.

All open classes for experienced dancers are currently held at our main location – 6085 Pico Los Angeles CA 90035. 2 blocks east of La Cienega. Ample street and meter parking.

We produce total adult beginner workshops with official ALIGN instructors at ALL our locations. Our main Pico – La Cienega location is owned and operated by ALIGN INC and all other locations are studios we have partnered with for years. See our locations page to find the studio near you.

Yes, we do work with focused teens in the same classes as our adults but most likely you will be the only teen student. As long as you are okay with this we will work with you. We frequently have parent/child duo’s who attend together. Any minor will need a parents permission and parents must sign our child  waiver.

When your trial ends you will need to log into our site and manually renew your membership by entering account payment information. After you add payment information and submit your first payment your membership will begin and continue billing on a monthly basis until cancelled. You may cancel at any time. You May restart at any time. We appreciate your support!

Simply log into our site and add payment information to your account and either renew you membership or go to the membership page from our menu bar and select your desired membership. Please sign the e-doc emailed to you to verify your authorization of payment. You may cancel anytime and you may restart at anytime. We appreciate your support!

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By default, a Cancel button is displayed in your account on the View Subscription page for subscriptions that are active. A member can use these buttons to: Cancel an active subscription/membership.


We broadcast and record from our beautiful Flagship Los Angeles studio, using the latest and greatest in A/V technology. All of our instructors are current or former professional classical dancers. They are trained to give clear demonstration, feedback, and corrections virtually (just as they would in a traditional in-person setting). ALIGN Streaming delivers authentic ballet to clientele worldwide.

Total beginners should start with our ALIGN 1 and ALIGN 2 virtual workshops. These two courses run the same time and day for 6 weeks. You will learn the basic fundamentals of ballet and be prepared to join our basic virtual classes. We have helped thousands of new students.

Anyone can take advantage of our virtual program! It is designed to be glitch-free and accessible. You only need a device (mobile smart phone, laptop, tablet, etc) and a stable internet connection. Some students like using wireless headphones for enhanced audio, but that is up your preference/discretion.  

We recommend you leave your camera on during class so that we may observe your alignment and offer corrections as needed. However, the choice is entirely up to you.

Try not to be late, but it’s cool. Be aware certain exercises should not be performed unless you are fully warmed up.

All students are muted once class is underway. For class flow/timing, we respectfully ask that questions be kept to a minimum. You can also always reach out via email, or schedule a Private Lesson if you need more information.

Ideally, you want enough room to extend your legs fully in front, to the side, and behind you at the “barre”, and a small radius for some simple centre exercises. At home,  hardwood, laminate, and smooth surfaces are best. If possible, avoid carpet, rugs, tiles, generally uneven, or very hard flooring (like concrete). For an optimal experience, portable Dance Mats (made of materials like marley or vinyl) can be purchased online, or even from some hardware/sporting goods stores. 

A countertop, railing, or simple dining chair (with a sturdy back) are adequate for the majority of our virtual clientele. If you desire extra balance/stability, portable (and even wall-mounted) barres are readily available for purchase online!