In general there is no specific order needed for these tasks but most likely all these settings need to be correct for the zoom broadcast to work. This page covers the general technical issues one may have when starting a ZOOM class.

TAP KEY BOARD SEVERAL TIMES TO SEE IF COMP IS ASLEEP. If comp wakes then enter password. If comp does not wake up then start comp by pressing thin buttom (power) on the square device on the cabinent.  

  1. When starting a zoom meeting go to ADVANCED and select COMPUTER AUDIO and click SHARE.

This will enable those at home to hear the audio.

2. Go to SETTINGS> BLUE TOOTH> and select a blut tooth device to connect. This device will serve as your MIC.

Airpods are the “old school pods” in our desk. Align Studio Airpods are the NEW  PRO airpods in the desk. You may use either but the pro’s do work best. Use the set that will connect! We have 2 pair in case you need a back up.

In the ZOOM audio settings, which you may find by clicking the little arrow next to the zoom Microphone icon, you need to select a mic. Select your airpod in the drop down menu. 

This sample below is correct Mic is set to airpods. 

Also note “speaker” is Realtek audio. This is correct. This will push the sound through the speaker system.

Under Test Mic is a bar – Pull the dot so it is 30% up. The sample here is about 5% = too low. When you speak into the mic a blue line will zip across the screen and give you an idication of your mic levels.


Go to >Settings>Sound

OUTPUT = Headphones-Realtech audio. This enables the comp sound to run to the speakers.

Microphone = if you have airpods selected in the zoom seting it shoul “over ride” this setting. When it doubt select Airpods and see what happens.

If you have issues do not hesitate to call Michael. He is ALWAYS available to assist over the phone.