Access Membership + Virtual – $49 Per Month

$49.00 / month with a 30-day free trial

Our membership is great for frequent virtual class students and experienced basic or intermediate dancers who will regularly attend our main location open classes. NEW students with prior training may enter the discount code firstclass in the promo box at checkout for a complimentary first class trial at our main location. 6085 W. Pico 90035 – near La Cienega.

Membership is not required to use any of our services. 
Total beginners should start with our live beginner workshops and consider a membership after completing ALIGN 2 but our membership is a great way for total beginners to excellorate your training with our unlimited virtual classes and streaming library. Our unlimited virtual program is designed perfectly for total beginners outside the Los Angeles and Orange County area or those who may simply be too busy (child care) to make it to our studio classes. We simulcast our beginner workshops from our main location 5 times per week. Our virtual total beginner classes are a powerful way to begin your ballet journey and our membership includes access to our streaming library.

Non member experienced students may always register the day of an open studio class from our main location non member booking page, if space is available. Our members have priority booking. We encourage new students to use the 30 day membership trial as a way to immediately book your first class and start with ALIGN.

Members may book their in studio classes in advance. Non members may book the day of the class. Our live classes are small, limited to 15 people.
Free Tuesday 8:30 PM Pointe Class  – In Person and Virtual (normally $12)
$5 Off Each Live In Studio Class
Discounted packages. Sometimes we offer $200 dollars of credit for only $180 or less. Available only to members.
Unlimited Free Virtual Classes (Normally $15 per class) Total Beginner, Basic, Intermediate, and Pointe. Virtual classes daily.
Unlimited Library Access.
1 late class cancellation class credit per 30 day period. Non members will not be refunded if they miss their class as our space is limited.
10% Off Store Merchandise and Special Events.
Your membership ensures our survival. Please support our work.

Your membership includes unlimted virtual classes and a $5 discount on live main location in studio classes. The boutique fitness industry has conditioned the consumer to receive unlimited barre or yoga classes for $99 a month.  We have tragically watched this pricing model plus discounters such as classpass and groupon close many studios. We do not wish to sell our service on price or by packing bodies into our space. ALIGN is dedicated to smaller classes, individual attention, room for everyone to dance, excellent clean facilities, highly trained well compensated instructors, and building a loyal community who supports our work.

After initial sign up you will be emailed a link to create a site password. YOU MUST BE LOGGED IN TO USE YOUR MEMBERSHIP.

At the end of your 30 day trial you will need to enter payment information and manually renew your membership/subscription if you wish to continue.
Once you’ve entered payment information and your membership/subscription begins it will autobill until you manually cancel your membership.
There is no long term commitment. You may end autobilling at any time by cancelling inside your account settings prior to your next billing date.

WHY MEMBERSHIP? – Your membership literally supports our work. Your membership ensures our facility and virtual broadcast will be there for you. Ballet studios are expensive to build and maintain. The initial investment in a quality sprung ballet floor may cost $30,000. We have additional cost you might not consider such as software, insurance, and admins to respond to your emails. We compensate our highly qualified instructors fairly. Our live in studio classes are small,  limited to 15 people as ALIGN is dedicated to each students development. We provide a highly personalized service and want to be your sanctuary from this hectic world. Your membership is our survival policy. We are not interested in having the largest classes, we are interested in deeply connnecting with a small group of dedicated students in a positive and long lasting relationship. We provide ballet classes tailored for the adult student and we do this on a daily basis. It is our mission.

We deal with customers fairly. We do not charge customers who do not wish to use our service.
ALIGN has a 10 year history of ethical ecommerce practice.

We look forward to working with you!

For questions check our FAQ page.