In Studio & Virtual Authentic Ballet Training For Adults & NEW youth program available.

Dance 101 For Grown-ups

Piano, gymnastics, peewee yoga. As a kid, your extracurricular cup runneth over.

But somehow your parents never got around to enrolling you in a ballet class (something about your dad being allergic to tulle).

Make up for lost tendus at Align Ballet Method, the new adult ballet series for novices.

Michael Cornell, who studied under Royal Ballet principal Petrus Bosman and danced with BalletMet, designed the course on classic barre technique using a three-tier curriculum.

First-timers start at the beginning with Align 1, a six-week introduction to fundamental method and terminology. After mastering the basics, students move on to intermediate classes, Align 2 and 3, where they learn more advanced steps (grand jetés, fouetté en tournants) and combinations.

The next Align 1 series begins January 13, and slots are filling up quickly.

So shake a leg.

Align Ballet Method (323-863-5501 or Check website for various locations. Cost is $108 for Align 1 series, $22.50 per Align 2 or 3 class.

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