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Our instructor Susan provides a great adult ballet tip for mental concentration and improved performance. We believe this insight will be beneficial.

Have you had trouble isolating a body part while performing a ballet class exercise? Did this attempt at isolation force you to lose your focus? This is where we develop a special ballet mental concentration. Susan has a great way of explaining this challenge. This ballet tip for mental concentration will actually improve your technical coordination if you apply it.

As a stickler for details and providing perfect demo Susan is quickly becoming a student favorite. Her virtual adult ballet classes are packed with great ballet tips.  As a artist Susan directs her own dance company Freaks With Lines. Working with local dancers in the Los Angeles area she creates  delicate choreography like this recently filmed the pas de duex Together Unseen  with Octovio Taddei.

Her passion, technique, and communication skills are the types of qualities we search for in an instructor. Below you may see Susan “in action”.

Susan displays her classical line.
Susan is en the pointe!
Susan demonstrates her classical ballet line.
Our instructor Susan has and incredible ballet extension in second position.
Back flexibility and balance are a component of strong classical ballet technique. Susan has mastered these qualities and she will help you in our virtual adult ballet classes.

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