In Studio & Virtual Authentic Ballet Training For Adults & NEW youth program available.

Looking for a unique fitness program?

Are you wondering how to get fit in the new year? Are you feeling overwhelmed by the options — pilates, yoga, spin, barre, crossfit, personal trainers? Wouldn’t it be great if there was an all-in-one fitness program that combined cardio and strength with artistic expression?

This all-in-one fitness program exists, and it’s not a new, trendy exercise. In fact, it’s one that people have been doing since 1573:


There’s only one program that regularly trains adult beginners in LA, and that’s the Align Ballet Method.

Authentic ballet training is no longer an elitist program of petite young girls dancing for hours on end in European opera houses. The Align Ballet Method has been making ballet mainstream with adults of ages, shapes, and sizes since 2012.

Why ballet?

#1. We make it easy.
Align has revolutionized ballet training. Our simple adult-only 5-level progressive program allows you to take it at your own pace. We won’t pressure you and believe our program should fit your comfort zone

#2. Our classes are not repetitive.
Most fitness classes follow the same routines day after day, and month after month. We will keep you engaged. With Align, each class builds on the one before it, with new challenges designed to develop your skill.

#3. Ballet is physical.
You will immediately feel the strengthening with a bit of soreness after the very first class. Ballet attacks many of the smaller stabilizing muscles infrequently used in most workouts and has a surprisingly powerful effect on your core strength. Many of our students have tracked their class calorie burns in our ballet classes as equivalent to other exercise programs.

#4. Slow burn is a better burn.

Ballet classes will make you sweat, but do not place your body into a high intensity zone that may burn muscle. Studies have shown that low intensity cardio has a more powerful weight loss effect on the body as the user tends to burn fat and not reduce valuable calorie-burning muscle. If weight loss is your goal, we want to help you with that by creating and  preserving as much lean muscle mass as possible.

#5. Ballet is creative.

Like painting or playing an instrument, ballet has a deep technical process many students find challenging yet incredibly satisfying. Our classes are not simply exercise, ballet is art.

#6. These exercises boost cognitive function.
Ballet exercises your brain as much as your body. The concentration involved with ballet training is a workout for your mental capacities, integrating both the “right” and the “left” sides of the brain. Studies have shown these classes will keep you sharp as you age.

#7. We have a great community.

Our progressive program groups beginners together for 6-class workshops. A bonding process begins to happen over the course of the program. You may find yourself making friends while you’re losing weight! Our community is an incredibly welcoming social environment.

You’ll get to show off your moves!

Do you get to perform ballet onstage? Yes! We have a yearly student performance. It’s entirely optional, and all students are encouraged to participate. We create choreography specifically for each skill level. Your friends and family will lose their minds when they see you in a tutu!

Diversity matters.
Since the moment we were founded in the beautiful city of Los Angeles, our community has been as diverse as the city itself. We have students across the spectrum of age, race, gender identity, size, religion, and nationality. Movement is an universal language. From the top down, our company promotes an open inclusiveness that brings people together.

Stick with us, and you’ll dance en pointe!

We eventually progress our most dedicated students into pointe shoes. Many people have started dancing in pointe shoes with us, even people who started as complete beginners! Modern technology makes the pointe shoe much more comfortable than it used to be, and we promise you will still be able to wear open toe shoes. (No “Black Swan” feet!)

These are only a few benefits of our program. Check out our classes, and we’re sure you’ll find many more ways to enjoy ballet training.

Ready to try the exciting fitness program at Align Ballet Method?

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Hope we’ll see you in 2019!



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