Virtual Total Adult Beginner Ballet Class


DAYS AND TIMES – Class is 1 hour
Sun 9AM – Michael
Sat 9 AM – Michael
Monday 6:45 PM – Bethany
Tuesday 6 PM – Zoe
Wed 7:30 PM – Alex


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No experience is expected. For total adult beginners. Drop into the most immersive adult ballet program on the web. We have specialized in authentic adult ballet training for adults since 2011. There is a reason we have appeared in Vogue and our founder has been seen teaching ballet on MTV and E. We are the original total beginners program for adults and now live virtually worldwide. All you need is a sturdy chair, socks, and comfortable workout gear. Attend with your camera on or off. Live instructors will provide feedback to those they can see. 1 hour. We can take you from total beginner to an intermediate student in pointe shoes in less than a year. Align has trained 1000’s of adult beginners. Start now!

Beyond this class we have a lifetime of training for you available through this channel. We will teach you from ground zero and take you as far as you want to go. Instructed by real professional dancers who have serious stage time. Do not be intimidated. Our passion is helping you succeed and making this art accessible to everyone! Sign up now.