Pico & La Cienega Adult Beginning Ballet Align 2 Starting Mon Jan 9 to Feb 13 @ 7 PM with Bethany



Align 2 is the second and final course in our total adult beginners series. We resume where we left off in ALIGN 1. The ALIGN 2 course immediately follows ALIGN 1 and is scheduled with the same instructor, time, and location. Continue developing your barre technique and begin basic center traveling steps. After completing ALIGN 2 our students are prepared to join our open schedule basic classes. 1 hour per week. Same location, instructor, day, time, and fellow students. A simple process. Open to all. 1 make up class per series.

Bethany Dean is a passionate vibrant dancer who has lived in LA the last five years training and performing.  She has trained in ballet internationally in Hong Kong, Thailand, as well as in the U.S.A. She’s trained in places such as Virginia’s Academy de Ballet, Musical theater training in New York’s at Steps on Broadway musical theater intensives. Her most recent training at the AMDA dance conservatory. Here in LA, she completed training in hip hop, jazz, modern, contemporary and ballet. Her most recent performances are for Cantan Los Fuegos, a flamenco dance company, and staring as the lead dancer in AKTs commercial. Bethany loves all forms of dance but her deepest training and love is Ballet. She is passionate about helping others find joy in the process learning dance.